Top 10 Places to visit in  Chattisgarh

Kanger Valley National Park

Spot tigers & elephants in Kanger Valley National Park's wildlife adventure!


Explore Sirpur's 3rd-century ruins: temples, stupas & a glimpse into India's past!


Chill in Mainpat's hills! Breathtaking views, valleys & waterfalls await.

Madku Dweep

Find peace in Madku Dweep, a serene island on the Mahanadi River. Boat, birdwatch & nature walk amidst the beauty!

Bhoramdeo Temple

Ancient Bhoramdeo Temple: intricate carvings & sculptures honor Lord Shiva - step back in time!

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Spot tigers & leopards in Barnawapara's jeep safari! 🇮🇳


Jagdalpur beckons! Explore Bastar's culture, history (museum!), and yummy cuisine.

Tirathgarh Waterfalls

Sure! Hike & be awestruck by 300ft Tirathgarh Falls cascading into a clear pool! 


Immerse in Rajim's spiritual vibe, ancient temples & vibrant festivals. Witness Raipur Mahotsav in Feb for a cultural glimpse!

Top 10  Food of Chhattisgarh.