10 Countries that offer citizenship by birth, also known as jus soli or jus sanguinis

New Zealand 

A child born in New Zealand to at least one New Zealand citizen parent automatically acquires citizenship


A child born in Australia to at least one Australian citizen parent or permanent resident parent automatically acquires citizenship.


A child born in Egypt to an Egyptian father automatically acquires citizenship. A child born in Egypt to an Egyptian mother and a foreign father may acquire citizenship through registration.


A child born in Pakistan to a Pakistani father or a Pakistani mother who is a permanent resident automatically acquires citizenship.


A child born in Paraguay automatically acquires citizenship, with some exceptions.


A child born in Ecuador to non-Ecuadorian parents who are not diplomats or enemy soldiers automatically acquires citizenship.


A child born in Argentina automatically acquires citizenship, with some exceptions.


 A child born in Mexico automatically acquires citizenship.


A child born in Canada to at least one Canadian parent or a permanent resident parent who has been physically present in Canada for a certain period automatically acquires citizenship.

United States

A child born in the United States and its territories, with some exceptions (e.g., children born to foreign diplomats), automatically acquires citizenship.